Account Transfer FAQ

Q: I've changed my email / I don't use this email anymore / I want to use a different email.

A: If you want to transfer your account and use a different email, but have not changed the email on your Asmodee account before November 10, 2022, unfortunately, you will have to create the account anew or use your previous email. User accounts and email are assigned to each other and it is necessary to have both of them correct to successfully transfer the account.

Q: I don't remember my username.

A: If you forgot your username, please try to log in to the Asmodee portal using your email and look up your username on the Profile page.

Q: I don't remember my password.

A: If you haven't transferred your account yet, you don't need the password. All you need is the correct username and email, anything can be put into the password field. The new password will be set up on the next screen during the transfer.

Q: I get an error: "Something went wrong"

A: There are several possibilities why you get this error:

  • your username does not match your email (or vice versa)
  • you never had an account to play online games/your account does not exist - try to log in to the Asmodee portal

Q: I get an error: "Email does not match"

A: Please check if your email is the same as the one used by the Asmodee account. Log in to your AsmoConnect account using your email. Check your username there and then try to transfer again. Please keep in mind that accounts created after 10th November 2022 are unable to transfer and needed to be created again. If you still get that error, please contact us via the "Contact" button or directly by email

Q: I've received an activation email with the link, but it doesn't work.

A: If you've received an activation email but it didn't work, please send us a message via the "Contact" button or directly by email

Q: After the account transfer, I still see the pop-up saying that I have to transfer my account.

A: The pop-up is a default screen for now. If you successfully transferred your account, you can ignore the message.

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