How to transfer an account

The AsmoConnect platform ( no longer supports Scythe: Digital Edition player accounts. Thanks to a few simple clicks, your account will be moved to the Knights’ database - this way, you will keep the history of your matches, ELO, etc., so don't postpone this process until the last minute.  Please keep in mind that accounts created after 10th November 2022 are unable to transfer and needed to be created again

How can I transfer my account?
  1. Click on the in-game prompt "Transfer Your Account" or use the "Play Online" button.
  2. Log in to the account you want to transfer (enter username and password).
  3. In the next window, enter the email you have used. It’s associated with your AsmoConnect platform (
  4. Set a new password, accept The Knights of Unity privacy policy, and transfer your account.
  5. Confirm your email address in your mailbox.
  6. That's it; your account has been transferred!
Account transfer isn’t obligatory

We also remind you that ACCOUNT TRANSFER IS NOT OBLIGATORY. It only applies to playing online and if you want to keep your match history. This also applies to accounts created BEFORE NOVEMBER 10, 2022. In a situation where you don't care about the account, create a new one and ignore the visible transfer message - just log in and have fun.

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