Known Issues

Known issues:

  • Logging in 2 the same accounts on 2 devices - If a player logs into the same account X on two devices, they will not be logged out of the device they had logged on in the first place. Instead, if they exit the main Play Online lobby on either device, they will be kicked out of their account on both devices.
  • Full scale invasion achievement - Achievement is not always awarded despite meeting the conditions.
  • No achievements at the end of the game in Play&Go mode - In Play&Go mode, if a win occurs when time runs out for both players, the player who won will not receive achievements for it.
  • Notifications on IOS during the game - player receives notifications from Play&Go mode on IOS even if he is currently in the game.
  • The resource pickup animation plays 1 time longer than it should - the animation shows as many times as resources have been spent.
  • If a character/mech moving resources takes over the same type of resource from a worker, the resources on the board do not add up correctly. Under certain conditions if a character/mech is carrying resources then they may duplicate. When a character or mech is carrying some resources (e.g., metal) and moves to a field with the same type of resource and an opponent's worker, after chasing down the opponent's worker and taking over his resources, the number of resources on the board does not add up correctly (what the character/mech was carrying is doubled).

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