Production action: the cost of an action depends on the number of workers. The more workers, the higher the cost, but also the higher the production.

Trade action: allows you to acquire resources. By paying one coin, a player can acquire two selected resources. If a player cannot produce a resource, he should use the trade action.

Movement action: the player can move around the board with one of three figures: a character, a moss or a worker. Note that the tunnel symbols, for the movement action, are treated as adjacent to each other. Green boxes with a 'man' icon mean that a player can move as many figures as he currently has green boxes. A player cannot make a movement action through water unless he has special abilities to do so.

Combat action: combat follows a movement action, when a hero or mech enters territory occupied by an opponent's hero or mech. Combat ends when the player with the most firepower has the advantage over the opponent. Note that reims are decided in favor of the attacker. The winning player gains/maintains control of the territory and its resources and earns a star.

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